Steven Snyder is a long time favorite international resource because of the practical take home skills he gives his audience. He is best known for the development of AlphaLearning - the product of over thirty-five years of research into the accelerated reading and learning techniques, concentration and attention skills hypnosis, meditation, visualization, brilliance, passion, and the nature of mastery.

He has been highly rated by The Executive Committee (TEC) in over 600 presentations. He has been named "Best of the Best" - in the top one percent of all their international resources - by the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

Steve first learned to read at the age of two, and by the time he began school, he had read over 1400 books. At the age of 51, he now reads 20 - 30+ books per week. Steve started his seminar career at fifteen and has presented on topics from accelerated reading and learning, to passion in leadership to peak performance, sales, and creativity.

With his unique rapid-fire method of delivering infotainment, Steve has enthralled tens of thousands, including students, parents, educators, and corporate executives, in seventy-nine countries around the world. Steve is the author of several books, and has produced audio and video tape programs on a variety of subjects.

Along with Michael Benner, Steve has created Breakthrough Radio Enterprises and the Breakthrough Audio Journeys on CD as well as the Breakthrough Seminar Series. Learn more at

Steve's life mission is to help improve our system of education. As a partner in BestQuest Teaching Systems, Steve is helping to coordinate the development of a whole new system of education for the children, parents and educators of the 21st century. Learn more at


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